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Immigration Medical Examinations 


At Remuera Doctors, we have Approved Panel Physicians who can provide medical examinations for immigration to New Zealand and Canada. Medical examinations are processed electronically using eMedical. 


We provide a full service with radiology and laboratory testing nearby. 

Book your Medical Examination using the registration form below. 


Our friendly team will call you to arrange an appointment.


What to Bring

Please read this list carefully and ensure you bring all the required information and documentation to your appointment. ​If you have any questions, please contact our team on 09 524 6504. 

  • Current passport. If you do not have a current passport, you must bring a Certificate of Identity or Refugee Travel Document. We cannot accept expired passports, photocopies, or verified copies of your passport. 

  • Visa type: you must know which immigration visa you require. Check the Immigration New Zealand website  for further information.

  • Glasses or contact lenses, if worn.

  • Medical history summary from your usual doctor, including a list of regular medications and specialist reports for significant conditions.

  • Pregnant applicants: please bring a letter from your doctor or midwife confirming your estimated date of delivery.

  • Applicants aged under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • Client declaration. You will need to read and sign this at your appointment. For a copy, please see

  • Interpreter. We do not have on-site interpretation services. If your English is not to a good conversational level you will need to arrange for an interpreter to attend the appointment with you, at your cost. Immigration NZ advises that friends, colleagues or family members are not acceptable as interpreters. However, a family member or friend may attend as your support person. 

For Canadian Immigration medical examinations, please also bring:

  • New Zealand visa document (for non-New Zealand citizens)

  • A Medical Report (Client Biodata and Summary) IMM1017E, if available.


What Does the Examination Involve?

​The medical examination requires a full body examination by the doctor. You will be asked to remove all of your clothing, except your underwear. We offer a private area to change and will respect your privacy at all times.

You may bring a support person if you wish. You can choose to book with a male or female doctor. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss these with our team prior to booking so we can ensure the examination is as comfortable as possible.


Chest X-rays and Other Radiology

Chest x-rays are conducted nearby at the Remuera branch of Auckland Radiology Group


Blood and Urine Tests

Blood tests usually include a full blood count, kidney function markers, HbA1c (to check for diabetes), and tests for infections such as syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B and C.

A urine sample is required for analysis. Please drink plenty of fluid before you arrive. 

Please do not book your appointment within 3 days of your period. If the urine sample shows blood, you will need to return on another day to repeat the test. 

Blood tests are taken nearby at Labtests Remuera Collection Centre.


How Long Does it Take?

Please allow up to 2 hours to complete your medical examination, blood tests and chest x-ray (if required). A longer time is required for couples, families or groups.

Once complete, we process your eMedical Health Case as quickly as possible. Results may take up to 5 days.

Immigration Medical Fees

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