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Consultations are by appointment only. A standard appointment is 15 minutes, long enough to discuss one major health issue and a minor concern as well.

Please book extra time if you have several points you wish to cover. There is generally an increased cost for extended consultations. A separate appointment is usually required if more than one family member needs to see the doctor.

For new patient appointments, a baby’s six-week check, a general medical requested by your employer or insurance company, minor surgery, renewal of your driver’s license, and diabetes checks, you may need to see a nurse as well as a doctor.

We use Easy-Claim for patients insured with Southern Cross. This allows a claim for the consultation or procedure at the time of the visit. Unfortunately repeat prescription fees are not able to be processed using Easy-Claim.

 Standard consultations

 (ACC, face to face, phone or video)

Children 0-13 years                                                                Free

14-17 years                                                                                 $59.50

18+                                                                                                   $73.50

Nurse consultation                                                                 $45.00

Community Services Card holder consultation     $19.50

New patients require a nurse plus doctor consultation. The price of the doctor consultation varies by age as listed above. 


Children 0-13 years                                                                Free

Children 0-13 years urgent                                                $15.00

14+ years prescription                                                          $28.00

Urgent prescription                                                                $33.00

Community Services Card holder prescription      $19.50

Referrals and Correspondence

Referrals                                                                                        From $30


Correspondence via MyIndici messaging may incur a charge of $10.00-$20.00 per five minutes.


Other services

Driver’s Licence Medical                                                       $110.00

Punch Biopsy                                                                   From $250.00

Excision                                                                               From $420.00

Sometimes fees may vary, according to the type of service delivered, time taken, and other costs incurred.

We ask patients to pay in full on the day of consultation. Significantly overdue accounts may be referred to a debt collection agency for recovery of costs from you. You may also be charged for non-arrival at a booked appointment.

We accept cash and major credit cards (excluding American Express), which you can also use for telephone payments. Or you can pay online, using your name as a reference. Our account number is 12-3030-0043259-00.

If you have a query about our fees, please discuss this with your doctor or with Andrea, our Administrator. If financial difficulties are preventing you from accessing the general practice healthcare you need, please let us know so we can help with this.

Internet banking
Direct debit
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