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New Patients

Remuera Doctors welcomes new patients, whether choosing to enrol or not. Our receptionists will advise you as to which Doctor or Nurse would be best suited to your needs.

Registration & Enrolment

Enroling with Remuera Doctors Ltd. allows us to offer you a reduction in the fee charged to see the Doctor. However, the system is such that it can take up to 4 months for your enrolment to be processed by the Ministry of Health. Once your enrolment has been accepted, the Government pays a subsidy for your care to our practice. We pass that money on to you in the way of reduced fees. It is important to remember that the reduced fee is applicable to your visits to Remuera Doctors Ltd., and not to any other medical or accident and emergency centre.

The Government is currently looking to make the system easier for all concerned, and we will keep you updated.

Enrolment allows us to offer personalized services particular to your needs, such as recalls for blood tests, screening checks, blood pressure and weight checks and for children, their immunizations. We keep you informed on new initiatives and we can act as your advocate when utilizing other services.

Enrolment also offers you the chance to be proactive with your health and gives you the opportunity to develop a good relationship with our Doctors and Nurses.

Enrolment is available to eligible patients only. For a full list of eligibility criteria, please download our Enrolment Form and read page 2. Examples of those eligible to enroll are:

  • New Zealand citizens (including those from the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau)
  • Those who hold a New Zealand resident visa or permanent resident visa
  • Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents who are able to show they have been in New Zealand, or intend to stay in New Zealand, for at least 2 consecutive years
  • Foreign nationals who hold work visas/permits and are able to show that they have been in New Zealand, or will be in New Zealand, for at least 2 years or more (including previous permits).
  • Foreign nationals are responsible for proving their immigration status and if applying for enrolment funding, they must present their passport. The passport must have their Visa stamps entered.

Terms of Trade and Fees (last reviewed 1st Oct 2020)

  1. Payment is expected on the day of your consultation or service.
  2. Accounts that remain unpaid for 60 days or longer, without prior arrangement, will be referred to Debt Collection Services. All costs incurred will be passed on to the debtor.
  3. Accounts that are not settled on the day of service will have a $10.00 administration fee added.
  4. Patients who are enrolling with the practice will be charged a casual fee for the first appointment.

Depending on whether you hold a Community Service Card (CSC) or High User Health Card (HUHC), our fees are:

Age: Under 14 years

Enrolled & Funded Patients

Casual Patients

Without CSC or HUHC



With CSC or HUHC



Age: 14 – 17 years

Without CSC or HUHC



With CSC or HUHC



Age: 18 – 24 years

Without CSC or HUHC



With CSC or HUHC



Age: 25 – 64 years

Without CSC or HUHC



With CSC or HUHC



Age: 65 years and over



Without CSC or HUHC



With CSC or HUHC



Visitors to NZ

Not eligible for funding


Nurse Consultation



ACC Patient Co-payments

CSC: Community Service Card                           

HUHC: High User Health Card

Children under 14 years: ACC visits are free for all children under 14 years.

From 14 to 17 years: Co-payment for a first ACC visit to Remuera Doctors is $13.50 for those with a CSC or HUHC, and $52.00 for those without cards. Subsequent visits for the same accident are $13.50 for card holders and $36.00 for non-card holders.

All other adults: Co-payment for a first ACC visit to Remuera Doctors is $19.50 for those with a CSC or HUHC, and $65.00 for those without cards. Subsequent visits for the same accident are $19.50 for card holders and $36.00 for non-card holders.


We allow 15 minute appointment times for general medical consultations. Longer appointment times are given if necessary. If you feel that your visit will require extra time, please advise our receptionist when making your booking.

A personal or family crisis, medical and life insurance, immigration, emigration, aviation examinations, and minor surgery are all examples of consultations that will take more than 15 minutes.
We will always see children on the day, and it is usual for us to be able to do this for any patient. If you are not able to phone first or you are in an emergency situation, please make your way to the rooms.

If you have an accident and require medical attention, either phone first or come in.
Our nurses are also available for you to see. An appointment time scheduled is preferable rather than hoping to see her should you call in. If you do happen to call in without an appointment, there may be a waiting time.

When arriving for your appointment, check in at reception. Please alert the receptionist if you are feeling very unwell, are having chest pain, or are having breathing problems.


Healthpages is a handy website for finding NZ health services and professionals and seeing their special interests and the full range of services they provide – over 13,000 health and wellbeing services in NZ.  Healthpages also groups related services, making it easy for you to find help that you may not have known existed. At a glance you can see both health support organisations and expert medical services for many health topics. Nationwide and helpful for making appointments.

Waiting Times

We always try to avoid delays for you. However, sometimes, without prior knowledge, a patient will require extra time with the Doctor – we hope you will understand should this occur at your visit. Our receptionists will keep you informed and reschedule your time if required.


All telephoned or emailed requests for repeat prescriptions are Nurse managed. When you phone, the receptionist will either put your call through to the Nurse or the Nurse will need to call you back. Please leave your name and contact phone number should this be necessary. The Nurse will check with your Doctor who may wish to see you. You will be advised if this is the case. Morning prescription requests are available that afternoon; afternoon requests are available the next morning. All prescriptions are emailed to the nominated pharmacy.

If you e-mail your Doctor directly for a request for repeat on your regular prescription, our receptionists will phone you for payment.

Fees (last reviewed 1 Oct 2020):

We ask for payment for your prescription at the time of request. You have the option of either collecting your prescription from reception, paying by credit card or providing us with your Southern Cross details. Prescriptions are not sent to pharmacies until payment has been made or cleared online if paying by internet banking.

Age: Under 13 years

Repeat prescriptions emailed to nominated pharmacy: $10.00

Controlled drug prescriptions: $10.00

Age: 13 years and over

Repeat prescriptions emailed to nominated pharmacy: $25.00

Patients that do not qualify for funded health visits please note a $40.00 prescription fee will apply.

Concerns Regarding Relatives

If you have concerns or questions regarding your relative, an appointment together with your relative and the Doctor is generally helpful. Alternatively, a call to one of our Nurses, who will then speak to the Doctor and get back to you, is also possible. We can only discuss specific details with the patient’s consent.

NHI Numbers

This is a unique lifelong number allocated to every person in New Zealand who accesses health care either private or public. The letters stand for National Health Index Number.

Test Results

If your results indicate that some action is required, the practice will contact you. If you do not hear from us, please call reception 09 524 6504 and ask to speak with a nurse. If you would like a copy of your results, please call reception 3 days after your test. Some results may not be available for up to two weeks, depending on the test ordered by your GP.

Your test results automatically go to TestSafe for storage and access by health professionals. If you do not wish for your results to be stored there, please let the laboratory know at your next test.

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