Pilot Medicals

Dr Anton Wiles is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DME) for:

  1. New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (NZ CAA)
  2. Australia Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
  3. European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Class 1 renewals and Class 2 issues/renewals
  4. United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  5. Transport Canada
  6. Oman Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA)
  7. Qatar Civil Aviation Authority
  8. Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department
  9. Fiji Islands

FEES: The base fee we charge for a pilot medical examination is $310 (please see below for EASA fees). Additional tests such as a resting ECG ($70), plain spirometry ($85), or pre & post spirometry ($95) are extra. All prices include GST. Please note that these fees do not include the processing fees that each aviation authority may charge, or costs of any further specialist testing.

New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Medical Examinations

Class 1, 2 or 3 applicants are required to pay CAA an application fee of $120.75 (incl. GST) for each examination. To pay this fee, click here.

Please either print and bring along your receipt information, or forward the confirmation email to reception.

For applicants who have never done a CAA medical examination before, please read our CAA Pilot Medical Information.

Other useful links:

  1. CAA Pilot Medical Examination Costs
  2. CAA designated audio and eye specialists
  3. Labtests locations (no appointment required and we can issue you a lab form)
  4. CAA application forms

Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Medical Examinations

CASA require pilots to fill in an online application before visiting a medical examiner. Please ensure that you have completed this application before making a booking for a medical examination.

CASA applicants need to bring to their medical appointment:

  1. Passport or Driver Licence
  2. Eye correction (glasses, contact lenses) and any spares
  3. If applicable, audio report on CASA audio paper
  4. Specialist or GP reports relating to any medical conditions

If you are having a medical certificate issued for the first time, please phone reception and we will guide you through the necessary medical requirements.

Costs for CASA medical examinations.

Useful information regarding critical timeframes. Audios, labs and ECGs are valid for 90 days prior to the date of medical examination and applicants can apply up to 28 days before the expiry of their medical certificate. Otherwise, the expiry date will be relative to the date of medical examination.

Also see Medical Certification Process Frequently Asked Questions.

UKCAA Medical Examinations 

1 Jan 2021: We can only examine applicants for UKCAA at the moment. We are working on our delegation for other EASA member countries.

Dr Wiles is able to renew EASA Class 1 and 3 certificates and issue/renew Class 2 certificates. Class 1 or 3 applicants must visit an Aeromedical Centre in the United Kingdom to have their certificates issued for the first time, or if it has been more than 5 years from the date of expiry on their last medical certificate. You can apply within 45 days of expiry if you wish to keep the same expiry dates but 6 or 12 months ahead.

Our fee for an EASA medical examination is $389, which includes the Gatwick Fee ($29). A resting ECG (if required) is an additional $70. 

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Medical Examinations 

FAA applicants are required to fill in their application via the FAA MedXPress system. Please ensure that you have completed this application before making a booking for a medical examination.

Please bring a copy of the 8500-8 summary sheet from your MedXPress account to the appointment. 

Transport Canada Medical Examinations 

Class 1 Initial Issue applicants are required to complete an audiogram and blood test for lipids & glucose. We are able to provide a lab form and audio contacts. Transport Canada do not have an audio form of their own – please complete one on a CAA audio form.

The requirements for Class 1 renewal applicants are age dependent – please phone reception and we will advise you on the necessary tests required. Please ensure that you bring your blue Transport Canada booklet for the examiner to stamp on the day of your appointment.

NOTE: Transport Canada takes a minimum 8 weeks to process an application for a medical certificate.

Qatar CAA Medical Examinations 

We are able to issue and renew Class 1 & 2 medical certificates for Qatar CAA. There are quite a few requirements for an initial issue on a Class 1 medical certificate. Please phone reception for more information or if you wish to make the necessary arrangements for your medical examination.

Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department Medical Examinations 

We are able to renew Class 1, 2 & 3 medical certificates for Hong Kong CAD. Applicants are reminded to book in no sooner than 28 days before expiry of a medical certificate. Please phone reception for advice on the necessary medical requirements.

Following the medical examination, your medical certificate will be revalidated for 14 days while you await a new medical certificate to arrive from Hong Kong CAD.

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